Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Little Blue Shabby Lamp Table

My Shabby Chic table after some Retro Vintage Love!

I cannot describe how much I love this little piece. I love the colour- I knew I wanted to do something blue after seeing some similar furniture in Revenge. See the gorgeous blue desk in the background?

Emily's Beach House in Revenge-dining table
Emily's furniture on Revenge. A shabby chic Hamptons dream!

Love it! I must admit, I am constantly distracted when I watch Revenge because I love both Emily and Victoria's furniture. And I'm not alone... read here for a whole Blog dedicated to Emily's house on Revenge. I have the same issue with A Place to Call Home. Gorgeous 1950s furniture everywhere.

Anyway, back to my latest piece. No long post about the process for painting this one as it was a very straight forward piece. The colour? I cheated! Remember my ombre chest of drawers? I had a heap of left over paint, in various shades of aqua which I mixed together to make this lighter colour.

I love this little hall table for it's natural distressed look. The original piece was a little worn down in parts, it had a few cracks and tiny holes which remained even when painted. All I had to do was distress it a little further after the paint had dried.

Love it too? Of course it's for sale! Check out my sales page for the link.
And just for those interested- the before and after shots.
Happy painting!


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