Thursday, 26 September 2013

I've found Knob Heaven!

That's a terrible title, I know, but I just had to share what I'm sure will quickly become my new favourite go-to place for knobs.
I do love my regular Riverclay, but my problem is that you can never get the right number of knobs that you need there- I'm currently working on my cousin's bedside table and chest of drawers set (which looks amazing, just quietly, but needs the knobs to finish it off before I can share) and I need 12 knobs to complete the projects. Riverclay only had 6 of the type I want- they did offer to order more in for me but I thought I might look elsewhere first. So I also checked out Masters and Bunnings, both are a massive FAIL. Only the very ugliest knobs seem to make it to those shops!
But have a look at this: online store Anthropologie has the most AMAZING range of quirky cool knobs. Here's some samples that I love:

Lulu Knob
Flower Imprint KnobFeather Imprint KnobGold-Flecked Blossom KnobSaddler Knob
Gorgeous huh?! Now to decide on the best ones to choose!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Vintage Yellow Distressed Painted Bedside Tables

They're done, finally!

Yellow painted vintage bedside tables.
Sometimes a piece just seems to take a long time to complete. These are an example of that. I suppose because it's actually two pieces it just seems to take that much longer. To paint these gorgeous little tables I used a couple of coats of Zinnser Smart Primer followed by Taubmans Calabash which is somewhere between a bright and a pastel colour but not specifically in either of those categories! The colour has proven quite hard to photograph, however- you'll notice in some pictures it looks lighter and in some darker- it seems to change a little depending on the light.

I really felt as soon as I saw these that they would come up better in colour than they looked in their natural timber state or in white because they are a pretty bold piece of furniture on their own with a great shape and lots of natural personality!

Just so you can compare, here's a picture of them before...
The tables before- notice that our grass has been cut since?! Love freshly cut grass!

I kept the original hardware but painted the handles black which looks great against the yellow and complements the dark distressed wood exposed underneath. Here's what that looks like up close.
Detail of the vintage handles and distressed paintwork.
Finally, I don't often do this, but here is a 'blooper' pic- can you spot the fault?

Yep, I took about 10 photos of the tables then noticed that one looked a bit funny- then realised I had put the handle on upside down!

What do you think? I would love your feedback- please leave a comment below. Want to buy them? Contact me via email or Facebook- you'll find me here! Don't forget to like my page and share this post!
Happy Painting!